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Council Resolution of 14 January 1974 on the participation of the European Communities in the European Science Foundation

Official Journal C 007 , 29/01/1974 P. 0005 - 0005

Spanish special edition: Chapter 16 Volume 1 P. 0036

Portuguese special edition Chapter 16 Volume 1 P. 0036

COUNCIL RESOLUTION of 14 January 1974 on the participation of the European Communities in the European Science Foundation


Having regard to the Treaties establishing the European Communities;

Having regard to the draft from the Commission;

Having regard to the Opinion of the European Parliament;

Whereas at the Paris Conference on 19 and 20 October 1972 the Heads of State or of Government expressed their resolve to define objectives and ensure the development of a common policy in the field of science and technology ; whereas, to this end, it is necessary to coordinate national policies;

Whereas a European Science Foundation is in the process of being set up by the research Councils and academies of European States, including the nine Member States of the European Communities;

Whereas the creation of such a Foundation would seem to be an effective way of stimulating European cooperation and providing an answer to the questions arising in connection with basic research,


1. The Council notes with interest the planned creation of a European Science Foundation and also the fact that the Commission has been invited to take part in the activities of the Working Party instructed to draw up the statutes of this Foundation.

2. The Council hereby records a favourable attitude to the establishment of links between the Foundation and the European Communities. At the close of the preparatory work for the setting up of this Foundation, the Council, acting on a proposal from the Commission, will decide on the nature and the form of such links.