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Council statement concerning the bodies responsible in Member States for providing telecommunications services

Official Journal C 011 , 15/01/1977 P. 0003 - 0003

Greek special edition: Chapter 06 Volume 1 P. 0229

Spanish special edition: Chapter 17 Volume 1 P. 0028

Portuguese special edition Chapter 17 Volume 1 P. 0028

COUNCIL RESOLUTION of 21 December 1976 concerning the review of Directive 77/62/EEC coordinating procedures for the award of public supply contracts

1. The Council invites the Commission to review the operation of Directive 77/62/EEC over an appropriate period, to submit to the Council a report on its operation and the experience gained in its application, and to include in that report proposals for any amendment to Directive 77/62/EEC or for any further measures which may be necessary.

The Commission should consider in particular the advisability of introducing at Community level national procedures which are particularly expedient and would be most suitable for the purposes of attaining the objective laid down in Directive 77/62/EEC.

The report should be submitted to the Council within a period of three years from the adoption of Directive 77/62/EEC.

2. The Commission should take into consideration any advice or opinions it can obtain and should consult the Advisory Committee for Public Contracts.