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Brussels, 16.12.2015

SWD(2015) 287 final



Accompanying the document

Report on the ex-post evaluation on the Europe for Citizens programme 2007-2013

{COM(2015) 652 final}

{SWD(2015) 286 final}

Commission Staff working Document


Report on the Ex post evaluation of the Europe for Citizens Programme 2007-2013

The staff working document complements the report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the implementation, results and overall achievements of the Europe for Citizens Programme 2007-2013. Its purpose is to present the results of the ex-post evaluation of the Europe for Citizens Programme 2007-2013 carried out under the responsibility of the European Commission, by the external evaluator Coffey International and Deloitte, in accordance with the provisions of Article 14.3 (c) of the Decision N° 1904/2006/EC 1 .

Results of the ex post evaluation of the Europe for Citizens programme 2007-2013


The evaluation served to confirm the relevance of the programme’s objectives and activities. Prevailing conditions created a need for a platform for civic participation related to the EU that the EFCP could potentially fulfil. That the level of interest in the programme, as well as the quality of applications for participation, progressively increased indicated a good match between the programme and target groups.

In terms of complementarity with other initiatives, the EFCP was sufficiently distinct from other programmes in terms of its scope, objectives, activities and target groups to provide a complementary offering. The EFCP was unique in bringing together CSOs and local authorities to develop citizenship activities, and in supporting town twinning and remembrance activities.

The examination of the EU added value of the programme showed that the EFCP enabled activities that could not have been funded elsewhere, in addition to promoting the spread of best practices.


The ex post evaluation found that the types of projects funded through the EFCP could potentially make an impact in numerous ways, depending on their particular mechanisms, target groups and methods. In general, meaningful results were achieved for projects that had a well-delineated scope and set of objectives, a plausible intervention logic and involved relevant partners.


The ex post evaluation came to the conclusion that the efficiency of individual projects varied. In general, good quality projects provided better value for money. The evaluation also suggested to put a greater strategic focus on citizens as target audience and on specific types of actions for which the EFCP is the only programme offering funding opportunities, in particular town-twinning projects and active European remembrance projects. In addition, it recommended to increase guidance for applicants and beneficiaries to increase the ability of the EFCP to provide value for money.


The programme made a real, if unquantifiable, contribution to its objectives. In the presence of key success factors, particularly credible plans for follow-up action, individual projects led to sustainable outcomes at the local and organisational levels. Successful projects were able to foster lasting cooperation among civil society organisations and help preserve the memory of Europe’s past.


 Decision N° 1904/2006/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 12 December 2006 establishing for the period 2007 to 2013 the programme 'Europe for Citizens' to promote active European citizenship, OJ L 378, 27.12.2006, p. 32-40.